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Studio Rabbit was adopted into the family at the age of six months.

We thought he’d be delighted with his elegant pagoda-like hutch, replete with two floors, a front and back door, a hiding place, hanging toys and a hay and greens rack.

But no, he hid all day. As much as a bunny can growl,  that’s what he did when anyone attempted to pick him up. Not what we had in mind for our relationship with a bunny.

We’d originally named him Brown Bunny Truffle – B.B.Truffle. We modified his name to Aloof Brown Bunny Truffle.

We experimented with various enclosure arrangements. We tried teaching him to use a litter box and giving him run of the house.

Nobody in the household was happy, including the bunny. He kicked the litter and its contents out of the box. He hid behind the sofa. He destroyed two valuable chairs.

Before returning B.B. to Cottontail Bunny Rescue from whence he’d come, we moved all lamp, pencil sharpener, vacuum and other such wires out of his reach in the studio and moved him in. Thus B.B. became Studio Bunny.

Studio Bunny now hops around, exploring his territory, sniffing people’s toes, nibbling on shoelaces, accepting treats from open hands, and if approached slowly, allows himself to be petted, especially by children. He enjoys occasional forays into the house itself but, with the studio door left open, is easily coaxed or voluntarily returns to his domain.