Evelyn Foster has worked and taught in her Connecticut pottery studio for over thirty years.  Her pottery includes wheel thrown, hand built, and mixed technique functional as well as purely sculptural pieces.  Pieces range in size, cost and finish, from the size of a soap dish to huge platters, from impressionistic landscape images to richly textured free form.  All clays and glazes are lead free and entirely non-toxic.

Evelyn's work can be seen at the studio by appointment and is  available for immediate purchase or by special order.  Pieces can be customized to include someone's name, a significant image - painted, drawn or sculpted to commemorate a particular event such as a bar mitzvah, a christening, a birthday or graduation.  Such pieces can be 

purely decorative or can be something functional, for example, a wine goblet.

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Evelyn offers pottery classes in her studio for adults, for children and for parents with a child or children.  Classes are small, allowing for highly individualized instruction.