Evelyn Foster has studied art and pottery at the Bezalel Art School in Jerusalem, Israel, New York University in New York City, University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut and Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. 

Evelyn works in clays that fire to and become relatively vitreous at medium heats.  She prefers kick wheels to electric for wheel throwing.  Hand building techniques she enjoys include pinch, coil and slab, individually as well as in combination with each other and with wheel thrown pieces. For hand built and sculptural work, she is particularly inspired by Pre Columbian pottery.


Many of her wheel-thrown pieces are glazed with the feel and colors of abstract landscape. Lately she has been exploring all sorts of texture in slab work.

Evelyn’s work is in collections in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Australia, Israel and Switzerland.

Evelyn has taught in the public schools, at Noyes arts camp and in her studio for over thirty years. A number of her students have gone on to successful careers in the arts.  She is now teaching the children of some of her first pottery students.  The pleasure and reward Evelyn finds in teaching is helping students of all ages and at all technical levels to create things that are true to their personal ideas and vision. 

Evelyn Foster


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